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Our standard manufacturing functions

  • Price Estimating
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Production Scheduling
  • Bills of Materials
  • Purchase Management
  • Monitoring & Time-Reporting
  • Reviewing
  • Bespoke & Mass Production
  • Inventory & Warehouse
  • Delivery Notes
  • Task & Project Management
  • Industry 4.0

Making quotes and planning schedules are probably greedy gluttons of your time. 


Sometimes, MRP software has broad claims to help, but results can fall short. So smartERP methodology was developed to bridge the gaps. You now have a much better chance of a close-fitting system, effective for varied everyday problems. For example, a system with smartERP methodology can –


  • learn your specific pricing and estimating methods 

  • show you how slack or tight your production workload is, based on relevant data

  • monitor, control and guide your staff through their jobs

  • generate reliable data for reports and analysis

Nothing is automatic and no software will do it all alone. However, smartERP can be a great ally and change-maker – as well as ending that time gluttony mentioned first.


We have a strong track record for installing smartERP systems in very individual companies, thereby helping to make manufacturing more profitable.

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